Commercial & Residential Roof Replacement, Repairs & Gutter Work in Greenville, Spartanburg and Upstate SC.

We will check the exterior of all roof top mechanical equipment

looking for problems such as:

  • Loose or missing A/C unit doors
  • Loose or unsupported duct work
  • Gas, water or conduit lines that may be in direct contact with the roof
  • Old mechanical equipment that may have been left on the roof, etc.

Make a well informed decision.

Address roof related issues at a lower cost before it turns into a costly problem later.

We will send the owner a written report with pictures explaining any problems that we have found and our recommendations on how to resolve the problem.

We will then inspect the entire roof system for any damage such cuts, splits, low spots in the insulation,weak areas in the decking, improperly attached flashing, etc.

Step 2

We will meet with the building owner or the current tenants to discuss any roof issues.

Step 1

We will inspect the gutters and downspouts for debris and deteriorated areas due to corrosion or rust

Step 5

Avoid the cost of a full roof replacement by having the information that is provided by a Roof Survey.

Step 4

Step 3